For 1000 years, our boy chorister’s voices have been filling Norway’s oldest cathedral. Today the boys carry the “Nidaros Sound” out in the world. Since the 11th century, boy choristers have been singing in the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. Nidarosdomens Guttekor (Nidaros Cathedral Boys’ Choir) proudly continues this tradition.

By regularly participating in the cathedral services, giving a multitude of concerts, tours all around the world, and CD and TV recordings, the choir is an essential part of the music tradition at Norway’s most famous cathedral.

But the choir is also maintaining a high activity outside its hometown: as a cultural ambassador the boys regularly participates in both national and international events representing the city and the Cathedral. The choir travels regularly: two to three international tours alternating trips to Europe, Asia and the US are normal.


Place of residence
Trondheim Norway
Member federation pueri cantores
Choir genre
boys' choir
Number of singers
Name choirmaster
Bjørn Moe
We are interested in... among Europe, worldwide
Author Email
Author Name
Johannes Köpple