Hey Guys!

We‘re the youth choir of St Magdalena, a church in Herzogenaurach near Nuremberg. We have about 60 members, 30 girls and 30 boys, and this presence of mixed voices enables our repertoire of sacred music, modern gospel, pop songs as well as folk songs. We accompany mass in our church, but also give lots of concerts both classical and modern (gospels, pop, a capella, …). We have worked with several orchestras and perfomed Bach‘s Christmas Oratorio, Rutter‘s Mass of the Children and Mendelssohn‘s Hymn Of Praise (symphony No 2).

Every year (one year the boys, next year the girls only) our choir tours a European country aiming to explore and meet new cultures and people. Our philosophy is to bring young people together, to show them the way of life of our European neighbours and to enable them to have friends in other countries. Therefore, we look for choirs who have similar interests. We are interested in meeting and cooperating, singing together in a concert or any other capacity.

If you are interested in this sort of exchange or a simple visit by us we are happy to receive any reply by you and your choir. Feel free to reach out any time, and check out our website for more Information about us!


Place of residence
Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany
Member federation pueri cantores
Kantorei St. Magdalena
Choir genre
boys' choir,treble choir,youth (mixed) choir
Number of singers
30 girls and boys each
Age from...to...
12 to 23
Name choirmaster
Toni Rotter
We are interested in...
...exchange in Germany
...exchange among Europe
Author Email
Author Name
Toni Rotter