We mainly sing Gregorian Chants every sunday, apart the first Sunday every month and not during holiday time. Our choir has a long history back to 1333. It used to be a boys only choir, but for the past 40 years it’s also open to girls to sing with the Kiedricher Chorbubern until the age of 14. The boys sing until there voice change and can continue then in Choralschola of the Kiedricher Chorbuben (age 13 – 55). We rehearse twice a week and the children do have small group voice training once a week. Every singer lives in the village of Kiedrich (4000 People live here). We do sing in the Basilica minor, a very beautiful gothic church, which is well restored. Because of our special Gregorian chants people from all over the world come to listen to the Gregorian chants sung in the “germanischen Dialekt” which is only sung for hundreds of years here in Kiedrich.


Place of residence
Member federation pueri cantores
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childrens' choir,boys' choir,treble choir
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Gabriel Heun
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...exchange among Europe,...exchange worldwide
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Gabriel Heun